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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Commercial Ewe Lambs For Sale

There are between 50- 60 crossbred ewe lambs for sale. These girls are out of 1/2 BFL ewes that were bred either Canadian Arcott or Charolais.

Below is an example of what they look like. They have an average weight between 70 to 75 lbs.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Duelling Rams

It's always a bit testy when one group of rams is introduced to another. We put the two yearling rams in with the older rams today. Neither leader wanted to give up his position. I expect when Jango grows up, he'll be a contender for leader.

Drogon showing Jango who's the boss ram
Jango looking very fierce. Xact acting as backup for Drogon.
  Dallyn backing Jango. 

Now that that's settled. All are best of friends. Drogon has a bit of a
skinned head, but Jango showed no ill effects. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 Lambs for Sale

All our early lambed ewes were bred to Xact. Lambing began March 6th and only ran for one cycle. All the rest of our BFL ewes that didn't catch in the first cycle were bred either Charolais or Canadian Arcott to lamb the first week in May.

Our early lambs are now weaned, separated from the main flock and pictures taken

It takes a while to load the pedigrees, so please be patient. 

All our Lambs that were born to Xact this spring
220% lamb crop with only two losses

Xact's Pedigree

Fibre Works 3466 Madeleine: Gave birth 3/12/2014 to 2 ewe lambs. One white and one coloured. Both birth weights were 10.5 lbs.

Maddy's Pedigree
Maddy's daughter 4460

Maddy's other daughter 4459

Little Smoky Nymeria: Gave birth to twins 3/6/2014 Ram 9 lbs., Ewe lamb 11lbs

Nymeria's son 4427 Sold to 
Brad Peters

Nymeria's daughter 4428

Little Smoky 7818 Lyra: Lyra had a single ewe lamb 3/8/2014 12 lbs

Lyra's Pedigree

Lyra's Daughter 4426
Very beautiful girl like her mom
Sold to Margaret Fryatt

Koenig OR1-270 Gwyn: Had twins on rams 3/22/2014  Ram 11 lbs  She lost one to the cold weather.

Gwyn's pedigree

Gwyn's son 4461 Frozen ears. This guy will be sold
as commercial. His front legs are a bit
crooked. Other than that he looks good.

Ranfurly 205X Brandy: Brandy had twins on 3/16/2014 A ram lamb 12 lbs and a ewe lamb 13 lbs
Brandy's pedigree

Brandy's son 4496

Brandy's daughter 4495
sold to Judith Isaac

Ranfurly 201X Maeve: Twin ewe lambs born 3/9/2014 13 lbs and 12 lbs

Maeve's Pedigree

Maive's daughter 4453
Sold to Margaret Fryatt

Maive's daughter 4454

Ranfurly 233 03Y Lula: Lula had twin ewe lambs born 3/18/2014 12 lbs and 13lbs

Lula's Pedigree

Lula's daughter 4493

Lula's daghter 4494

Ranfurly 265 36Y Fanny-Mae: Fanny-Mae had twin ram lambs born 3/22/2014. 11 lbs and 10 lbs

Fanny-Mae's Pedigree

Fanny-Mae's son 4491
Sold to Inga Cernevska

Fanny-Mae's second son 4492
He's a bit small and will be sold
Sold to Dixey

Ranfurly 268 05Y Amy: Amy had triplets 3/9/2014 A ram lamb 7 lbs. ewe lamb 7 lbs and a ram lamb 12 lbs.

Amy's Pedigree

One of Amy's triplet sons 4438
Sold to Lincoln Smith 
The guy on the left is a BFL/NCC cross.
It gives you an idea of what hybrid vigour

Amy's second son 4440.
He is the biggest ram lamb
in the group and very nice.

Amy'striplet  Daughter 4439
She was bottle fed and is a bit small
Sold to Margaret Fryatt

Koenig OR71-246 Welly: Welly had twin ewe lambs 3/9/2014. Both are coloured.  11 lbs and 10 lbs.

Welly's Pedigree

Welly's daughter 4451

Welly's daughter 4452
Sold to Margaret Fryatt

Koenig OR71-242 Delaney: Delaney had twins 3/16/2014. Ram lamb 10 lbs. A ewe lamb 11 lbs.
Delaney's pedigree
Delaney's son 4499