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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bluefaced Leicester is Recognized by CSBA

We were given the good news by Stacey White that CSBA has voted to recognize the Bluefaced Leicester.   Recognition is based on their acceptance of the UK registry. This means that all animals that are registered with Canadian Livestock Records Corp. will have to first be registered in the UK. Once we have a base built, we will be able to register their offspring without going through the UK.

Pictured below is our lineup of rams that we've successfully collected from the UK. The semen is due to land in Canada sometime in July. We will be inseminating in November 2011 for an April 2012 lambing. This is a very exciting time for both our farm and the Bluefaced Leicester in Canada.

Myfyrian B10 (Blue Dragon)

Grugoer B1 

This is the twin sister of Grugoer B1

Llwygy B67 (Balck Mountain) We will continue to breed
some coloured ewes and rams for the Fibre market.
They can continue to be registered in the US