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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last fall we did Laparoscopic AI on 8 of our BFL ewes. Out of those 8, 4 caught and carried to term. This spring we had 1 set of triplets, 1 set of twins and 2 singles. It could have been better, but we were happy to get what we did. Three of the ewes had lambs from Myfyrian Blue Dragon. We ended up with 2 good ram lambs and 2 good ewe lambs.
Little Smoky Draco. Out of Koenig Maggie by Blue Dragon
He's a single, but Maggie always twins with natural breeding

Little Smoky Roshon. He's out of Little Smoky Corene by
Blue Dragon. Roshon is a triplet 

Little Smoky Drogon. Drogon is going to be our keeper.
He's out of Dianna by Blue Dragon. He's a twin. Dianna is a CarryHouse
R1 granddaughter. 

Drogon again, standing besides Xact, our yearling ram.
 He weighs 110 lbs at 4 1/2 months.